Episode 15: Harvey and Sadie

I talk to David about his two senior babies Harvey and Sadie, as well as the extended family of pets in his life. What was his proudest moment as dog dad to Sadie? What coloured toy is Harvey obsessed with? And what famous fan does his dads dog Charlie bask in the attention of? Plus, as a musician David often gets help from his fur kids when creating and tells me about the music he’s writing just for them.

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Episode 14: The Dog Who Saved Easter

Did Zeus the Labrador really save Easter? Was Easter even in jeopardy? Is Dean Cain truly the most dreamy actor ever? You’ll find out as we review the 2014 classic, The Dog Who Saved Easter.

Plus Stephanie wants to know … has Kate ever tried a dog treat? The answer may surprise you!

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Episode 13: Cruz and Caroline

This week I chat to Caroline Zambrano, Australian Pet Journalist about her career as a pet writer, her life with pets and the current love of her life, Cruz.

Show notes:

Caroline tells me about her dog Cruz (1:00) his quirky habits, the trials of trainng and his favourite treats. We discuss how she got into Nosework (16:40), what its all about and how working with Cruz has made her a more conscious parent.

Cruz loves to play and we discuss the best games and toys Caroline has found for such a giant dog (27:35) but despite this, he’s also an extremely calming dog in Carolines family (35:44).

We get into Carolines life with dogs, growing up in Turkey (36:50) and how losing them over the years affected her (45:40), her career, and her inital bonding with Cruz (59:44).

We get discussing Caroline’s career in pet journalism (1:00:42) and how she initially wanted to be a vet. Her first job as a news reporter (1:10:45) didnt turn out quite as she expected but it was a start that led her to become the editor of Dogs Life Magazine (1:14:38) and PR work. We discuss the favourite story she’s written (1:27:38) and her ideal piece (1:32:48).

Finally, Caroline tackles the two big questions at Pups n PopCulture, favourite thing about pet parentship (1:39:00) favourite dog in pop culture (1:48:47) and participates in a PnP tradition (1:56:42)

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Episode 12: Jasmine and Taylor

From shelter life to glamour model, Melaina tells me the story of her girl Jasmine and her big sister Taylor. Which one has a friendly rivalry with their cat siblings and which one has a quirky habit with paper? Plus Melaina talks about what its like working at a busy animal shelter.


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Episode 11: Yolanda’s Dog Pack

I talk to Yolanda about her large dog family! How did they all come into her life? How did she integrate them? And you’ll find out how she manages a crazy feeding routine! Plus I want to know, has she ever thought about adding more to her pack?

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Episode 10: Homeward Bound (and other doggy stuff)

We’re back for 2018 with a special extended episode! We give a Christmas and New Year wrap, talk about a classic doggy Disney movie, and get a little sidetracked about what other doggy movies we could review in the future. We also ask the important questions like, whose dog has brought in the most disgusting dead thing? And do you boop or do you beep?

But most importantly, theres dog talk, lots and lots of dog talk. You wont want to miss it!

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Episode 9: A Very Doggy Christmas

Happy Mutt-mas!!
Its the last episode for 2017 and Stephanie is back to talk all things doggy Christmas. What presents will our dogs be getting under the tree this year? And what traditions do you, our loyal listeners do for your pups? Tune in to find out. Plus we review a brand new Christmas movie, Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas is You. Will this be our new favourite festive doggy movie?

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Episode 8: Archie

Archie is Natalie’s baby. Listen this week as she tells me about his aversion to certain types of weather, his favourite food (which he’ll do tricks for) and his favourite toy. Plus we talk Doggy Christmas movies! Did yours make our list?

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Episode 7: Aya

What is the fascinating meaning behind the name Aya? What strange quirk of hers keeps her humans entertained for hours? You’ll find out when I talk to Val about her tiny furkid. Plus ….we talk famous Chihuahuas! Do you know which one appeared in a famous commercial and had a starring role in a movie franchise? Tune in to find out!

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Episode 6: Winston the Wonder Poodle

What makes Winston a wonder poodle? His ability to find something disgusting to roll in? The fact that he’s a bit of a chick magnet? You’ll find out when I talk to Warwick about his best mate.

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