Episode 64: The Lake House

Think The Lake House isn’t a dog movie? Well you’re probably right, but there is a dog in it and there is also two actors named Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, so we made it work!

This week Kate and Val discuss time travelling mailboxes and wonder just how good ones penmanship can really be. Curious how much dog content is in this movie? Or even this podcast? You might be surprised! From chess playing, to time travelling and just being there looking adorable, they’ve got the dog moments covered.

Plus don’t miss Kate’s story from Lucy’s 14th birthday!

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Episode 63: John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

It wasn’t just a puppy!

We are so excited to be reviewing the latest installment of our favourite dog-revenge series, John Wick starring Keanu Reeves. Kate and Val break down the movie, talking about favourite moments, the amazing fight sequences, but most importantly, the animal action. Dogs, horses, pigeons and even more dogs, we got you covered.

Please note this episode contains spoilers.

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Episode 62: Downward Dog (part 4)

We say goodbye to Downward Dog this week as we discuss the last two episodes of this amazing little series. What were the best moments? And what was so infuriating about these final two episodes? We wonder about what might have happened in the show had it been picked up for another season and ask the hard hitting questions like, does your dog eat cat butt candy like Martin?

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Episode 61: Oliver and Company

Justine from The Cutaways Podcast joins Kate this week to talk one of her childhood favourites, the 1988 Disney movie, Oliver & Company. A retelling of Oliver Twist with a cat and dogs, but Kate asks the important question, would dogs really be petty criminals? Does the movie live up to Justine’s memories? And what is the quote she and her sister still use to this day? Plus the ladies wonder where the characters back stories went to and if moments in this movie are even too dark for Disney.

However, one thing is guaranteed, you will love this episode! Absotively Posilutely!

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Episode 60: Oh! Heavenly Dog

Fun cheesy 80s movie or sexist trash pile with questionable dog handling? This is the dilemma Kate and Val face this week as they chat about Oh! Heavenly Dog. Is it possible that a movie which sounds good on paper, absolutely failed on the screen? Who cringed the most? Who almost fell asleep? And who were the famous faces that made this movie almost worthwhile? Tune in to find out!

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Episode 59: Best in Show

Amanda joins Kate this week to talk one of her favourite movies, the 2000 mockumentary Best in Show. Amanda breaks down her favourite moments and characters, but was it really Kate’s thing? Plus, Kate does her best to explain some things about life in the dog show world and Amanda has an update on her baby Max!

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Episode 58: 101 Dalmatians (Animated)

Meg from the Indoorswomen podcast joins Kate this week to talk the animated version of 101 Dalmatians.

This Disney classic is a childhood favourite of Meg’s and she did some pretty impressive things during the height of her obsession.

Kate saw this movie during a release at the cinema in the 90s and she didn’t love it. So will she change her mind on this rewatch?

Plus how does it compare to the live action remake? What were the highlights and favourite scenes? Plus who was the ladies favourite character? The Answer may surprise you.

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Book Review: Barney by Catherine Jinks

Title: Barney
Author: Catherine Jinks, Illustrated by Stephen Michael King
Release: 2018

Description: Barney loves cat food. Barney loves greens. Barney loves bacon and biscuits and beans…

5 out of 5 Stars
This is an extremely adorable childrens book that I just had to have for my collection.

Barney is a dog who likes to eat everything and it reminded me so much of my own dog that if it was renamed “Jazz” it could basically have been her life story.

The rhymes are wonderful and have a flow that make it great reading for children, and the illustrations very cute and eye-catching.

A gorgeous story celebrating a very relatable canine. A must have for any dog lovers young or old.

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Book Review: Where the Lost Dogs Go by Susannah Charleson

Title: Where the Lost Dogs Go: A Story of Love, Search, and the Power of Reunion
Author: Susannah Charleson
Release: June 4th 2019

Description: In Where the Lost Dogs Go, Susannah Charleson, author of Scent of the Missing and a trusted chronicler of the human/animal bond, dives headlong into the world of missing dogs. The mission to reunite lost pets with their families starts with Susannah’s own shelter rescue, Ace, a plucky Maltese mix with a mysterious past who narrowly survived months wandering lost. While Susannah formally studies animal behavior, lost-pet search tactics, social media strategies, and the psychology of loss, Ace also steps up for training. Cheerful and resourceful, Ace has revealed a nose for the scent of lost pets, and together they help neighbors and strangers in their searching.

Review: 5 out of 5 Stars

A fantastic read from Susannah Charleson, part memoir, part dog behaviour, it all blends in well to deliver a wonderful book on missing or lost dogs.

I, thankfully, have not been in a such a situation of having a beloved dog go missing and some of these stories were heartbreaking. Thank goodness for the tireless work of people like Susannah who help reunite people and their best friends. I really enjoyed reading about her work.

One thing I have found reading memoirs or biographies about people with dogs or who work with them is that they can focus on the authors mundane life, which is probably only interesting to friends and family (sorry to say).

This is NOT that kind of book, every story from Susannah’s childhood and adult life focuses on some kind of interaction with a dog which I really appreciated, its exactly what I am looking for when I read these kind of books.

I would highly recommend to any dog lovers.

I received an advance copy from NetGalley for an honest review

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Episode 57: Benji (2018)

Vanessa from Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast joins Kate to talk the 2018 netflix remake of the classic dog movie Benji. How does it compare to the original? What were the problematic moments and did they outweigh the good? Plus the ladies talk (weird) doggy romances, montages, and tricks. And did Vanessa see the doggy actor who played Benji when she was on holidays?

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