Change is coming!

Hopefully by now you’ve listened to the 100th episode and heard the news! Pups n PopCulture is going through some changes. Soon this podcast will be known as… All The Good Dogs. If you’re subscribed to the show, episodes will appear on your app as usual. If not, you’ll have to be on the look out for the new name and artwork. Its pretty much going to be the same podcast you know and love, but with a lot more exciting things to come!

Episode 99: The Art of Racing in the Rain (movie)

Is it possible for a movie to be better than a book? We think theres a chance with this one. If you loved the book (and even if you didn’t), you’ll love the movie, and you’ll most likely cry your eyes out. The big question though, is did this one finally make Kate cry?

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Episode 96: Chappy and ChouChou

Its Caturday! This week I am talking to Amy from Secular Soup about her two gorgeous kitties Chappy and ChouChou. How did these two beauties come into her life and what are the unique stories behind their names? And how do you even pronounce ChouChou? You’ll find out!

Plus! What is the gift that Amy’s cats like to leave her? Don’t be eating when you listen to this one!

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Episode 94: Archie

Vanda from The Tight Ends Podcast is back and she has a new dog! Listen as she gives all the details about her new baby Archie. From where her name came from (spoilers: not named after the royal baby) to her favourite treats and what life is now like with two dogs!

How did her first baby Nero (who you can hear about in ep 19) take to having a new sibling? Tune in to find out!

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Episode 92: Mr Pickles, Cameron, Poe, Castor Troy and Keanu

Its Caturday! Izzy and Steve from Everything I Learned From Movies are here to talk all things cats, rats, shrimps and the 2016 movie Keanu.

Tune in as the couple tell stories about their family of cats, rats, the origin of their fun and unique names, their sociopath former kitty Castor and the most unusual pet yet – cherry shrimp! 

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