Episode 91: Must Love Dogs

Has Covid-19 (aka the rona) got you down? There’s a lot you can do in self-isolation with your dog! And Stephanie is back with Kate to discuss what those things are!

Plus to take your mind off the doom and gloom the world is facing, the ladies are talking the 2005 rom-com, Must Love Dogs. A movie which, despite the title, has very little dog in it. But Kate raises an interesting topic relating to the movie, dog-fishing. Dont know what it is? Tune in to find out.

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Episode 90: Seamus Finnegan James Lucas

Alysa from Best Forevers is back because she finally got a dog! Join us this week as she talks about having a dog for the first time in many years and the differences she found with having cats for so long. And speaking of Rooney and Ferguson, how did her felines take to a new canine brother? Plus! You wont want to miss Finnegan’s unbelievable rescue story, the meaning behind his name and the fun adventures hes brought to everyones lives!

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Episode 89: K9 (Doctor Who), Bell and Buster

Yamina from the Fluffy Town podcast joins the show this week to talk about her two Boston Terrier babies and a show that’s very close to her heart – Doctor Who! How does the British sci-fi show fit in with a dog podcast? K9 of course! We do our best to cover the Tin Dogs vast history on the show and speculate about his future. Plus! You wont want to miss Yamina’s stories about where her babies Bella and Buster came from or the hilarious stories she has about them.

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Episode 88: Sled Dog Racing

Mary from The Aging Youthful Podcast is here to talk a rather unique doggy sport, sled dog racing! Tune in as she talks about the years she spent on a sled looking at dogs butts and all the training and experiences that go along with it. Plus don’t miss as she tells me about the dog that now fills her life!

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Episode 87: Theodosia

Zoe from Tea and Strumpets joins Kate this week to talk her lady with the regal name, Her Grace, Lady Theodosia Snuffington. Just how did she get her long title and what kind of dog is she that has Kate very excited?

Plus Zoe talks trick training and the differences she found between working with horses and dogs. And what famous dogs are her favourites? Tune in now to find out!

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Episode 86: The Dog Who Saved Summer

We’re back for 2020! Kate and Stephanie have all the highs and lows from Christmas and the New Year, plus Kate has her best tips for Summer as she swelters with her pets through heatwaves. She also has some summer horror stories and what its like evacuating with pets during the bushfire season.

To top off the summer dog chat, the ladies discuss The Dog Who Saved Summer. Will this adventure with Zeus be the best one yet?

Plus there’s training and agility chat, the silver labrador debate, doggy resolutions and dog related things the ladies are looking forward to in the coming year.

This summer special is jam packed with all your doggo needs!

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Episode 85: The 12 Dogs of Christmas

Happy Holidays! Its the last episode for the Christmas season and the last episode of the year! In our 2019 wrap up we talk decade questions, what would our dogs have not guessed life would be like 10 years ago and what have we learned in the last 10 years of pet parentship? The answers might surprise you.

Then we get down to business to talk the 2005 period movie The 12 Dogs of Christmas, a sweet movie that didn’t have us cringing – too much. The main question on our minds though, why did this town hate dogs so much?

See you in 2020!

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Episode 84: A Christmas Shepherd

Courtney from The Cult of Domesticity Podcast is back to talk all things German Shepherd, mainly bestest boi Ace who stars as Buddy in The Christmas Shepherd. Its a Hallmark movie that, given the standard, is quite good. Even if it leaves us with many unanswered questions, such as: why didn’t Ace get top billing, when he’s clearly carrying this movie on his own.

Plus, we take a dive into Ace’s filmography and debate if his other movies are worth watching, then get insanely distracted by all the dogs we follow on instagram. Lots of great recommendations you wont want to miss.

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Episode 83: The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation

Its the second Holiday ep of the season and we’re renewing our tradition of The Dog Who Saved series with another Zeus Christmas. Does this sequel compare to the first? Did Vacation really need saving? Why are they still stuck on weird doggy romances? Are George and Randy more toxic than the actual criminals? So many questions, with not a lot of answers. But hey, at least the dogs are cute.

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Episode 82: A Christmas Wedding Tail

Its the first of the very special doggy Christmas episodes! This week Kate is joined by Em from Shelf Aware and 12 Months of Christmas Podcasts to discuss Em’s specialty, Christmas Rom-Coms. The ladies are tackling the 2011 Hallmark movie A Christmas Wedding Tail. A film in which so many things make very little sense and is littered with so many stereotypes to make you cringe, but hey, at least the dogs are cute! 

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